Cassie’s La Passacaglia – fifth update

It’s been a bit of a long haul to get to this update, and I only have the one rosette to show for it. However, it is the third of the large ones, the biggest one I had left to create, so I am very glad to call it done!

Despite the lack of forward motion, and honestly, motivation, this is still my favourite out of all the cogs I have made so far. The fussy cutting and fabric placement just make me a little giddy every time I see it. I’m sure you’ve had that experience, when you look at something and are a little amazed…. asking yourself if you really made this? Anyway, enough of the words, on to the pictures!


La Passacaglia fifth update - Cassandra Madge


As you can tell, I moved away from making flowers with the outer pentagons, and made ribbons that swirled in and out of each other instead. I can’t take credit for the idea, as it was one that I saw on the La Passacaglia/Millefiori quilts Facebook Group. I think it is helped with the effectiveness by the outer ring (in this case the pink Riley Blake Quatrefoil print) which I have used also in the diamonds to make it appear distinct from the ribbons. Of course, a large company of pink and gold bunnies is what every quilt needs, right?


La Passacaglia fifth update - Cassandra Madge


The centre star is made up of Anna Maria Horner flowers, similar to the aqua version, but with the inner direction reversed.


La Passacaglia Large Rosette Cassandra Madge


Amazing what a difference a simple change like that can make!


La Passacaglia fifth update - Cassandra Madge


There is a lot going on visually with these cogs, however I feel that the colour cohesion makes a difference in not letting it look like a hot mess. I am still happy with the choice I made to keep all the star points in charcoal. It may not look like much on each individual rosette, however as they start to be joined up, it should provide a path of movement and grounding throughout all the riot of colour.


La Passacaglia fifth update - Cassandra Madge


It might not be too obvious, but I had fun matching and twisting the pink stripe fabric to counterpoint the bunnies hopping around the quilt. Those stripes are Tula Pink Elizabeth, and the bunnies are from the adorable Riley Blake line, Wonderland. You can see the whole range HERE, but check your local store for availability as it’s been so popular that it’s becoming hard to get hold of.



Stay tuned – next week I am planning a post talking about English Paper Piecing, how to blend your stitches and my new favourite threads and needles to use. If you have any questions you would like to address, please leave them in the comments and I will try to make sure they are covered!




 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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