Flying kites…

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I’m such a good mother… the journalling on this layout has a terrible confession….

Sammy made this kite at a Kindy end of year excursion, in 2003. Seriously. This kite is 2 years old, and it’s NEVER been flown before.

I need to lift my game a little 😛

But it’s a great layout I think…. really enjoyed the strong colours.

Go-fly-a-kite CT

Layout created with Fernlilis new kit (currently on sale, grab it quick), Cup a Cheer. I still say she’s the element QUEEN, her ribbons, tags, metals always rock!

Inked edge action from Atomic Cupcake. Fonts used were Al Charisma, SF Foxboro Script, Tin Birdhouse, Problem Secretary, Embossing Tape, FB Peach and FB Flamingo. Created in PS7.

Meanwhile, my connection has been seriously fritzing, maybe due to the unusually HOT weather.

42degrees in Adelaide today. That’s celsius. 107.6 degrees Farenheit. Sizzling.

We’re having a very late dinner, *skip*’s volunteered to cook on the bbq cos the house is stinking hot. Thanks honey!

So I’d better go chop some onions and stuff…..

Can you smell it Dad? It’s going to be a good one!! *luv ya lots*Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Peta

    DAMN YOU WOMEN!!! I now have “Lets go Fly a kite up to the heighest kite and send it soaring up in the atomophere up where the air is clear ohhh lets go fly a kite”.. You’re so lucky you are all the way down there out of harms way I’d have to come kill ya for that one 😛 ROFL

    Well I’m going to have to go watch Merry Popins Now!!!

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