Happy coincidences in decorating

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Don’t you just love it when something comes along, that just matches in perfectly? I had to pick these gorgeous flowers because they opened right before the storm (see yesterday’s post). Oh, the shame of having to bring some gorgeous cut flowers inside.

But what I couldn’t help noticing was how exquisitely they went with this painting on my entrance wall. It was painted by my grandmother, and I just love the soft hues in it.

Doesn’t it just match perfectly? I’ll be sorry when it’s gone.

Have you had any wild co-incidences in decorating like that? Do you think it’s because we are drawn to the same sort of thing over and over again? I never was much of a purple girl, but I am more and more so these days. What about you?Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. df

    The soft colours of your painting and the flowers are exquisite together. Enjoy it while it lasts! I’ve definitely had disparate things acquired completely separately over the years brought together and been amazed at the pairing. The best one was when we moved back to Canada from England a dozen years ago, and two antique pine pieces, a bookcase and a dresser, landed together in the same room next to each other. We suddenly realized that by placing the bookcase on top of the dresser we’d have a perfect Welsh dresser for our dining area. The match of the old pine was uncanny and together they make an amazing piece of furniture!

  2. Lea-Anne

    I love iris flowers. Its a pity that they don’t last too long. Lovely picture!

  3. Dayla

    Purple has been my favourite colour since I was a little girl. Purple and green I loved together, I tried to vary it but only got as far as purple and yellow, which is lovely too. But try as I might I couldn’t feel the same way about reds and blues. Your Iris’s are lovely and they do look super next to the painting.

    • Cassandra

      To be honest, purple was always my mother’s signature colour, but now that she’s gone, I’ve been able to adopt it for my own more and more. I do prefer it in nature than on me though! Thankyou for your lovely comments 🙂

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