The hit of the season….

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Ok, so that’s my Georgette Heyer moment over and done with… lol

But honestly, the party was a huge success. Despite a disappointing lot of cancellations due to sickness/work etc at the last minute, those who did come had a total ball – the food, the games, the pass-the-parcel, it all went off so smoothly, and as far as I can tell, everyone had a great time. Well, they all said they did, and for once I really did believe them – you can’t fake that kind of fun.

I’d share photos, but a) I have to edit them, and b) I have to pick the concealed identies ones… you know how it goes. šŸ™‚

Although I was dog–tired last night, and even today I admit to not feeling like lifting more than one finger around the house. Not to mention that the weather is less than pleasant.

*skip* is off enjoying an afternoon’s golf, hopefully not TOO wet and windy, and the boys are x-boxing… so I’m just surfing around. Will catch up on comments and stuff later, but I have to shout out to SHARON who got Digi-pick of the day, and not surprisingly cos this is just an amazing layout… go check it out!

This is the party queen, signing out…

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    So glad your party went well … now relax and enjoy the peace and quiet! And thanks for the ‘shout’ … lol! šŸ™‚

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