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And for the challenge. I was scared how many brushes I have on this computer that I don’t use. Ok, so I’m not going to be setting up shop as a designer anytime soon, but I’d like to get my head around these pesky things once and for all….

Layout created for the Subscribers Mix-N-Match challenge over at SBB – thanks Meredith!

Background paper from Meredith’s Boho Purse mini, the Torn side piece is from her Warm Honey mini, both from the downloads at SBB. Journalling strips from Jen Wilson’s Seasonal scraps. Brushwork under the photo and title block are from Meredith Fenwick’s DigiSupply Closet brushes, the title is Kim Christensen’s cardstock alpha brushes, the Name and date brush is another Meredith Fenwick, from her Antique Letter stamps (all from SBB), and finally, the brushes over the photo are Rococo brushes by Dianne Rigdon. Fonts used are Digs My Hart and Highland Perk.

This would have to have been one of my favourite shots I got of Tyson as a baby… you have to remember, all I had for years was a compact NON zoom type film camera… No wonder that I took to digital like a maniac. And I love looking back on these photos and seeing that my “vision” was always there. I have learnt tons and tons about composition, backdrops etc etc, but still, my vision was there. It’s kinda gratifying.

Amy, have a safe and happy trip, can’t wait to catch up when you get back!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. cassi girl

    That is an adorable photo. Yep you have the eye for it and now the camera to go with it!!!! Jealous…jealous…jealous…

    LOVE the new blog header. Very funky indeed.

    Thanks for your help with my blog header issues. I would never have figured it out!

    Sandi 🙂

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