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Yes, Cassie the procrastinator strikes again. This layout is gorgeous, and has been hiding from the world on my hard drive for too long. It now bursts forth to an overjoyed chorus of welcome (or some crickets chirping. Whatever floats your boat!)

I have also been almost procrastinating my way through my 3 assignments for this semester. No 1 is finished, but for a final file name check etc by my loving and patient *skip*, No 2 is shaping up, but as it is photographing a particular event, there is only preparation I can do until then. No 3 I thought I had a few more weeks to get my head around, but on reading through the material again over the weekend, I have discovered I need to have some sort of draft version ready in a couple of weeks, so you can guess what I’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks. Eeek.

Meanwhile I don’t think that I mentioned that, due to my new course, I am now shooting fully manual, all the time. Whooosh….. that’s a lot for this bear of little brain. You mean I have to manage 2 dials AND the shutter, and compose a photograph as well? Actually, it’s going surprisingly well. I am surprised, in part, but not really as I have been studying the mechanics of aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, the exposure triangle etc etc long enough to have a rough idea what I am doing. Sadly, there are people enrolled in this course that are absolutely newbies with DSLR’s and I am feeling their pain. It’s a tough thing to learn on top of all the other skills that they are having to master, as some of them are *ahem* not so computer literate.

I work with someone like that, and I am very grateful for my personal tech addiction, fed by my tech head geeky DH, that has given me so much assistance with various things over the years. But the one thing that so many people just don’t get is that I am STILL always learning. You don’t stop once you start working with technology, whether that’s your first digital camera, a home computer used only for email and a few games or whatever. It’s all just one enormous learning curve.

Meanwhile, I’m worn out tonight, so I’m off to bed. Had another shocking sleep night last night, which is surprising, but anyway. Such is life.

Night all 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Kim Jensen

    Beautiful layout! I love that you used the kit to express such a serene scene.

    So very cool that you’ve gone manual. I’m slowly exploring more features of my camera, but I’m still quite a way off from that. I just finally bothered to look up what some of the other program modes on my camera are a couple of weeks ago… and I’ve had the camera for 3½ years. LOL

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