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Ok, I know you all are waiting for photos from our trip…. The problem is that apart from the MASSIVE photo-editing job ahead of me, it wasn’t REALLY that kind of trip. We didn’t see many sights. No tourism things, no glorious lazing on white beaches in front of aqua seas.

In fact, MOST of my photos are of our family. The boys with their Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and various other combinations, both separately and together. And I don’t know that they want you to see them all at their family best.

Not to mention that I’m still working on all these darn photos. I had to work today and got 107 digital photos of mine printed, as well as 5 rolls of film that the boys took. I have a pair of photographers on my hands, that’s for sure. I am currently nursing my scanner through the boys rolls of film for extra re-prints for them etc… fun for the whole family.

I promise there is also a layout in my future. Somewhere.

To be honest, in my catching up on emails and team stuff, I am totally bummed by the amount of wonderful layouts that everyone has been creating. I feel so inadequate. I’m afraid to even start, for fear I might fail. I think I cricked my mojo and it’s still requiring Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You know, for a scrappers blog, there’s very little scrapping going on.

Oh, I nearly forgot the very exciting news of the day!! Tyson finally lost another tooth! He had all 4 front teeth ages ago, top and bottom, and I was beginning to think that his Canines were never going to shift. While we were on holiday one came loose, and I swear it was only 3 days before it just popped out. The other tooth is right there, already through. He’s VERY excited and proud about it.

So I DO have a photo to share with you, lol.

Enjoy 🙂

Tyson lost toothHappy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. AmyK

    Oh, Cass, don’t feel intimidated, silly! You do such amazing work. That’s cool if you don’t have a lot of photos to share, and I hope you get rested and back into it soon. Missed you! {{{{hugs}}}}

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