July 2012 egg production

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I just thought that I would record this and get it out there for anyone that might be looking for these sorts of figures.





The girls, all about 20 weeks old


We have 4 Light Sussex X Wyandotte hens, all almost at the 9 month age I think…. 3 of which started laying eggs in June, and the 4th started a week ago on the 26th of July.


As far as egg production goes, our tally for the month of July is 94, plus one soft-shelled. Which is an average of just over 3 per day. This doesn’t quite give the whole picture, as most days we got an egg from all the laying hens. This past 2 weeks have been full production in fact.


I don’t want to make any guesstimates from this about how much we are going to get in a year, but we are super happy with these figures. We have kept with a routine of grain feeding, supplemented by fresh green weeds by the bucket, porridge with natural yoghurt every afternoon and assorted kitchen scraps as appropriate. They are eating plenty of shell grit as well, and apart from that one soft-shelled egg, mostly the shells are very strong and quite annoying to crack. Funnily enough, the shells are in 2 distinct colour groups also, two hens laying quite white to creamy eggs, while the other 2 are more light brown, with dark brown speckles. I can *almost* tell you who laid which egg just by the size and colour of them. Cool, right?


Rebekah’s first four eggs from last week. We waited 6 weeks for her to lay!

So, time to start again with a fresh month, and to go visit some friends and offload some eggs – the chooks are laying 2+ dozen a week, so there is more than enough to go round.



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  1. kellygrahamartist

    Our girls have just started laying again, Yay!! Nothing like going out and getting your own eggs fresh from the hens 🙂 One of the clucky hens hatched about 8 chicks a few months ago, so cute watching them follow there mother around.

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