Sunday Planning

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Just to keep all my thoughts straight. I have had to spend a lot less time on the computer lately due to my massive holiday photos mozy back-up. Sheesh… it’s taken a week. And then when I finally get it finished, I’ll be able to install some vital Mac updates and reboot my poor hard done by Mini. After which, I will start the diagnostic process to work out why it won’t BURN cd’s at the moment, which is a right royal pain in the butt.

Tomorrow is the first day of the school holidays. I am not working (at work) but I am at home. This is what I plan to get done, I’ll check back in tomorrow night and see how I went 😉

More weeding. The family and I got stuck into it today, but it’s just never ending….

Compost making and turning. The by-product of 2 weeks of solid weeding is a pile of weeds that can probably be seen from space. The great wall of weeds in fact. I spent this evening shredding newspaper (oh, what fun for a Sunday night) to add to the mix. Sammy is going to help me with the watering of the compost piles. How about I take some before/after pictures so you’ll see what I mean about the weed mountain!

Planting something. I have half a dozen pumpkin seeds from the worm farm that have decided that they only way to avoid getting eaten is to grow. So be it. I will plant them in the area I weeded today, lovely rich soil. If they grow, they grow. I might put little cut out juice bottles over the top of them to start off with though, more to protect them from the dog, who has fluff for brains and will probably sit on them otherwise.

Pulling out my sewing machine. Sam massacred a pair of school pants this week, and the only way to save them is going to be turning them into shorts! Yes, it was that bad. While the sewing machine is out, I will be contemplating sewing myself a cute bag or some more napkins for the family. I might even walk the 5 minutes down the hill to the local Op-shop on a fabric hunt. I have been finding some awesome sewing inspiration, and patterns and ideas all over the internet lately. I can’t remember the last time I actually WANTED to sew something.

Go for a walk with the kids. To the post office, op-shop. Collect some leaves on the way back for the stick insects we are caring for over the holidays.

Bake! Banana muffins with the mushy banana I have sitting on the kitchen table. I hate eating bananas that aren’t almost green, so suddenly they go mushy on me.

Get creative with lunch. I have leftover Chapati’s (homemade – more on that one day!), stir fry, and pancakes to eat up. I’m sure the kids will be volunteering to assist me!

Visit the Aquarium shop. Our little pond is looking very sick and full of mosquito wrigglers. Before the frogs lay/tadpoles hatch this year, it needs a clean up. Maybe a couple of plants and definitely a few fishies that will eat the wrigglers but not the tadpoles. With the rotten fly-screens on this house and Sam’s sensitivities, we have to get rid of the mosquitos, pronto.

While I’m in “town” visiting the Aquarium shop, I’ll have to stop in at the normal shop and buy milk etc.

If all else fails, I’ll scrap something too.

Ok, so ready. Set. GO!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Carol

    Oh I am such a list person, it’s very satisfying crossing things off. I’m doing a catch up so haven’t read your next post yet. I wonder if you got it all done, hmmmm?

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