Truly bizarre random moment, and a confession!

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So lets get the confession out the way first….

I have been lazily relying on my online back-up service for nearly 2 years now… and have NOT been backing up to DVD. So I went on a burning marathon this weekend just gone and it’s a relief. It’s been preying at the back of my mind for a while now, but the end is in sight. Of course, the problem has always been with my process…. I need an intelligent back up that takes note of file changes etc, which my brain just can’t manage. But I think I’ve got a work around, for now at least. I am coaxing a spare external passport drive out of *skip* so I can run time machine backups as well. 3 is better than 1 in my book.

Now for some slightly bizarre….

We went to Bendigo in Victoria for the long weekend last week. We got rained on a fair bit, but it was all in good fun and we survived storms and various other games with our senses of humour intact. On our last day, we spent a happy hour in their marvellous second hand book store. Wow. I could just have spent the whole holiday there, but that’s just me. I love books. I gave Tyson and Sammy free rein, to rummage through the huge kids section, and seemingly endless non-fiction section and to pick something out.

My dearest second son, like the crazy child he is, insisted on buying, of all things, a book on the care and training of your poodle. You know the sort of book that you find by the spinner-full in the pet store, one for every breed imaginable? The problem is that we don’t have a poodle, nor do we have any plans to EVER get one. So we now have a book on poodles that he will love forever, without ever having the real thing. Tyson never picked anything out, and I got a little selection from my favourite authors, Anne McCaffrey, Dick Francis, Kathy Reich…. I like a bit of everything!

I also have to take note of the fact that the boys and I went shoe shopping on the weekend, and Tyson’s new sneakers are now a men’s size 8. That’s 2 sizes smaller than his father, at age 12. I bought him new pj’s on special last week, size 14, and they ‘JUST’ fit him now. If I’m very lucky, they will last out the winter. I suppose the only consolation is that Sammy will get waaaaayyyy more than a year out of them himself, so it’s not a total waste!

Not a lot else to report. Things have been busy here, and I think that I might have picked up some kind of infection (possibly in my poor battered chest) which is causing some mild drama, but what’s a day around here without drama, right?

Disc is burnt, so it’s time to go. Pretty pictures of our trip next time, ok!?!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Sue

    Been trying to respond to your tweet about Dell; I have posted a letter to Michael Dell and will fax it. I just edited it but you can see it on my blog. Months and months of issues with hardware and keyboards. Waiting 3 weeks for a replacement for a XPS 1530 nightmare; lent my son a brand new mini for a trip and the keyboard doesn’t work!!!! It’s beyond belief!!

    Been scanning the tweets about Dell and seeing more and more complaints!

    Keep me posted, nice to meet you!
    Sue in NYC

  2. Kim Jensen

    I go forever between backups too. I finally got Mozy cooking along, but I only burn DVD’s about once a year. It seems like just a few weeks ago that I did it, but I put a labeled empty folder in my photos to mark where I left off (exactly one year ago tomorrow), so I know that isn’t the case. :-b

    The poodle book is definitely an odd choice. Who knows what goes on in kids’ heads. LOL

    Hope your infection clears up quickly!

  3. dreamcollision

    Hey Cass, sorry to hear about the health drama. The thought of buying a book about poodles really cracked me up! Oh, and I am SO far behind on backing up I kind of cringed when I read your post. I’m hoping some brilliant plan will just pop into my mind and it will be easy and wonderful and take 2 seconds. Or… I need to sit down for a weekend and actually work on it. 😛

    Hope you’re having a good one!
    Amy K

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