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Well, as covered in the previous post, we realise that my organisational skills leave something to be desired. A la, not backing up photos onto disc for 2 years. Shame on me.

Well, the shame continues with this layout, lovingly crafted, and then filed and forgotten…. only to burst forth to the light of day this evening, late. But here it is now, so here we go.

It cuts back to what we have discussed here before about dreams, and having the courage to go after them…. (I’m talking to you Amy!)

I have started on a new dream, I am 4 weeks into my first ever University course. Not a full degree, but 3 years worth of photojournalism. Already it has challenged me beyond my limits, but making me shoot in MANUAL and being accountable for my settings, rather than lazy and comfortable and relying on the camera. My first assignment is nearly finished, my next is coming up fast. And I have to create a FOLIO too, heaven forbid!

So, amazing things have happened, will continue to happen.

But right now, the amazing thing is that I’m going to bed. *SKIP* and Tyson are away on Year 7 camp, having a wonderful time by all accounts, and so the house has been quiet this evening. Sammy asleep, the tv murmuring quietly in the lounge room, and Beethoven giving me inspiration in here.

Dr’s appt tomorrow, so I’d best actually try to get some sleep. Peace out!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Tania

    congrats on taking that class Cassie! That is huge, your pictures are stunning and I hope to see even more of them soon 🙂

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