Green, blue and aqua make me smile!

Such a very good morning to you all. This spring sunshine is making me so happy today. It’s the first September school holidays in a long time that has started off with perfect weather, and things are looking good this year!

One of my gorgeous Sapphire Irises from the front garden, the stem got broken off before it could flower but it has opened up beautifully in the kitchen. Makes me happy every time I see it!

We had a 3 day convention over the weekend, so yesterday was just supposed to be full of chilling, and relaxing and de-compressing after days of sitting still. DH left for an afternoon round of golf, which is a rare treat for him. He had a great time, which he thoroughly needed with life kicking his butt at the moment.

DS1, who is 15, got to learn how to properly clean a bathroom. Something that my neck won’t allow me to do, not that I will pretend to be sad about that, not a fan of cleaning showers myself. But he is having a friend to stay for a few days, so he knew the price was helping get the house ready. Not that I sat on my throne while he worked, I decided that the laundry, after a long, wet and muddy winter of being the dog’s second home, needed a thorough cleaning. I won’t show you the before photos, because they are just too gross, but I’m pretty chuffed with the after photo.

I also managed to wash AND dry the dog’s beds, as well as all the assorted cleaning rags and towels. They tend to accumulate over a while, as it’s not worth washing them just one at a time. I love my elfa laundry rail over the sink – the perfect spot to hang things to dry when you can’t put them outside!

I also spent a happy hour laying out the blocks for my Spring Quilt! It was a bit of a marathon trying to cut them all up, and square them all up. My seam allowances etc still seem to be erratic. But I’m not planning on winning any prizes with my quilts, and I’m just happy having fun. Or so I keep telling myself with gritted teeth as I’m trying to match up seams!


Disappearing nine patch spring quilt - Cassandra Madge


Here it is all laid out on the bed. DH helped me tweak the layout after he got home from golf, and now it’s been carefully stacked, ready for stitching together over the holidays.


Disappearing nine patch spring quilt - Cassandra Madge


So, the washing machine is about to beep at me to come and deal with the next load of washing, and then it’s time for a coffee I think. Speaking of coffee, look at what greeted me on Friday in my coffee cup!


Yes coffee, I’m always happy to see you too!!

Have a great week everyone. I’ll be back soon with an update on the seeds planted last week and this. We’ve had some very exciting results already!

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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    • Cassandra

      I have the biggest soft spot for irises. Having them at a wedding sounds gorgeous!

  1. df

    I was looking at your reorganized laundry room last night and feeling inspired; you must be so pleased! I got the dog beds and things cleaned recently and know the satisfaction. Your quilt looks so fresh and appealing – hope it turns out just as you’d like!

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