Why do I blog?

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This is sort of prompted by Kate’s post over at Fox’s Lane, but also by a conversation that I had with my DS1 (15) over the week. Why do we blog? Why do I blog? I’ve been doing it for so long, I’m not really sure if there is an answer to it?

I started my blog originally on blogspot waaayyyyy back in the dark ages of September 2005. Wow. That’s 7 years ago!

This was my very first post….

Well, I’ve finally succumbed to the blogging phenomenon, after having been an avid reader of several for a few weeks, I couldn’t resist any longer. You see, I like to talk, a lot in fact…. just ask my family. But I suppose the final push came from a photo…

I love taking photos. It’s a passion you could say. So here I am sitting at my computer, reading emails, downloading stuff (more on that later!) listening to the radio, and master Sam who has been ill all weekend, comes in and starts dancing. Uninhibited, shake your groove thing, dancing. So I grab up my Canon, always handy (more on this later too!) and stick it into burst mode. This precious image was my reward. I just had to share it. He’s better, the sun is shining and life goes on.

Whatever doesn’t kill me, will only make me stronger. I should be able to leap tall buildings one day.Thanks for reading.

So, there you have it. Clear as mud, right?

Ok, so maybe that doesn’t really explain much at all. At the time, I was just learning how to use my precious DSLR. I was a newly converted Digital Scrapbooker, which, because of it’s online-ness, meant community! I ended up getting to know a great bunch of people, all over the world, who were fun and supportive and we all scrapped our hearts out. Surprisingly, many of them aren’t scrapping as seriously anymore either.

I’m not sure when I really slowed down on it. I returned to work a year after I started blogging, so I had less time and energy for my own pursuits. Our life took some strange and difficult turns, starting in 2007 when the tree fell on our house, followed by the loss of my Dad, and less than 2 years later, the loss of my Mum. In between all that, I had some nasty sicknesses, including pneumonia, and 4 months later, whooping cough. 4 months after that I had my car accident which left me alive and shaken, but with ongoing neck injury issues. Up until a few months ago, I just didn’t have the energy to blog. In case you don’t know this, blogging is HARD work! They aren’t kidding the people who try to make a living out of it. If you aren’t dedicated, it doesn’t work.

In April this year, I decided that I had to stop lying to myself. The truth was, I wasn’t blogging because I had nothing to say. Nothing nice, or positive at least. I wasn’t creating anything, there was no inspiration or joy happening. I was a bit of stinking mess. So I started forcing myself to look for projects, for happy things and beautiful things to show you, and it definitely helped me to see things around me in a more positive way.

So, who reads this thing anyway? I’m not always sure. I get visits from all over the world, mainly the bigger English-speaking countries like Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. However there are visits from very different locations, such as Poland and Denmark, Korea, Indonesia, Greece, Germany. Quite a substantial list actually. A lot more read than comment, which is fine. I’m happy to see you all regardless.

Visitors from around the globe!!

But even as important as the outside readers, I keep my blog for myself. I had 2 bad bouts of PND after the births of my boys, so I have a tendency to a fuzzy memory. I love reading back over old posts, the good and the bad, and seeing our life and re-living memories from that time. So blogging is a fantastic way of recording all those special (and not-so special) moments that make up where our family is in time, and how we got there. One day, I’m sure our kids will enjoy it for the same reason that all kids love going through old family photo albums. Only this is better, because all the stories behind the photos are told as well. You can see old photos of houses we lived in long ago, toys and bikes long outgrown, favourite clothes. It’s like a living breathing scrapbook that I keep for those I love.

So, that all took a little longer to write than I expected. There are millions of blogs out there, and I am thankful that you stopped by to read mine today. Have a wonderful day, whatever you may be doing!

Cyclamen in full bloom! What a magnificent colour it is 🙂

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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7 Responses

  1. Sharon Kenealy

    I’m just down the road, give or take a 1000 kms! And I think I have been reading your blog for almost as long as you have been posting … I’m loving the change in direction this year, and enjoy looking at your chookies and art projects! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Sharon – I know that you are always front and centre on my cheer squad!! It’s all your fault I’m into quilting now you know 😉

  2. df

    I’m a newer reader this year, but have enjoyed discovering your blog and appreciate the background from a post like this.

    • Cassandra

      Thanks 🙂 I certainly have appreciated your support and encouragement over the last few months!

  3. shamboliclivingj

    I relate to what you are saying about life getting in the way of blogging. I’ve had some niggling health issues over the past 18 months (nothing life threatening) but pneumonia (that does knock you around doesn’t it?) and ongoing asthma (which manifests in an ongoing cough) and allergies. It is hard to maintain the positivity when life isn’t going so great – and I really want my blog to be a positive, entertaining place for people. Well done on all the years you have been blogging – that’s a big achievement.

  4. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    Well done for blogging since 2007 – that is an amazing achievement. I’ve only been blogging since the start of 2011 which some days seems like forever but in reality it isn’t! Real life does have a funny way of getting in the way but I know I always have the urge to write and always go back to it, when I finally get the opportunity. All the best for many more years of blogging!

  5. Allison Tait

    What an interesting journey you’ve had! Glad to see that you’re still here, blogging away! Thanks for Rewinding.

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