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So, nature has been kicking our butts lately….

First the pigeons, that helped themselves to as much grain as they can stuff down their greedy gullets. Last week we discovered the nasty crow that was stealing our eggs. Of course, this was quickly followed by the spring advent of the Cabbage White Butterflies – which will be quickly followed by the dratted caterpillars. The snails and slugs have been helping themselves to our spinach, lettuce and broccoli leaves. However the last insult was watching the dog help herself to a row of fertiliser pellets that had just been scattered across the new garden. Of course, she then decided that they disagreed with her and threw them all up an hour later.

So as I vowed in my last post, opposable thumbs will rule the day, so here are our various ways of thwarting their incursions.

Fake butterflies standing guard over the garden, although I really need to make another string or two. Meanwhile everything is growing like spring is in the air!
3 Cd’s (with extremely well drawn eyes on them) hanging in the doorway of the coop. They put the pigeons off for a whole day, but the crow hasn’t been seen since they got strung!
The sunflower trench, covered in decayed straw and some spare fencing to keep the dog out of the pellets!

And of course, no excursion with the camera around the garden would be complete without some photos of my gorgeous Anemone/Ranunculus bulbs. I’m so excited that this display will just get bigger and brighter every year!

And because we’ve been wandering around the yard in the late afternoon, Rebekah has come to ask her for some treats. She got some tasty snails and slugs from the garden, but is always keen for some more! Come on Bekka-chook, it’s bedtime now.

Thanks for having a wander around the garden with me! Next on the agenda is a couple of poison free snail traps for the garden beds, before the spring vegies get planted en masse. And I have a clever how-to hanging garden bed to show you as well!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. df

    Wow, those ranunculus are just so beautiful. Love your ideas for keeping the trouble-makers at bay; hope it all works!

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