Learning to Ripple Crochet

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I had a Grandma with some wonderful crafting skills. I’m afraid I have no real memories of her, as she was ill for my whole life and passed away when I was 6 or so. But among my treasures I have this rug that I believe she crocheted.

Edited-0501It’s long and fairly narrow – made up of single rows of all these wonderful colours, repeated over and over. You can see where she ran out of the original wool and substituted different ones, all keeping the pattern going.

Edited-0502Now, although I can knit quite creditably, I can only manage granny squares in crochet. I have wanted to learn for so long, to make one of the gorgeous wave or ripple rugs that the internet has been sprouting over the last couple of years, however when I read the instructions I’m totally lost.

It doesn’t help that I’ve learnt the English way, and most patterns are written for American crochet – where my Triple=their double etc. Most confusing. I had all but given up when I discovered – Lucy and her Attic 24 blog, and her Neat Ripple Pattern. It was written for total beginners, like me, with extremely detailed explanations and clear photographs. It was a total revelation!!

Using up a couple of balls of patterned acrylic I had bought for DS2 for a long ago crafting project…. it grew from there!

Edited-0500 Edited-0498


And it grew, and grew, and soon we found ourselves at the shop buying more yarn for more and more rows!!

Edited-0499 Edited-0497I am probably about half way through the new section, and totally loving how it’s coming together. The plain turquoise lifts and cools all those hot reds.

Not to say there haven’t been a few mistakes along the way, but as I’ve learned the pattern, I’ve learnt to identify when something is out of whack, and how to either rip back to the mistake if it’s recent, or use some extra increases/decreases to get things back into rhythm again.

If you’ve always wanted to learn, but never known how, I can thoroughly recommend the tutorial and the project. DS2 is so excited to see his rug growing, day by day. I hope that one day it will be something that is treasured and passed down to his children from their Grandmother.



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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    • Cassandra

      They are rather bright colours aren’t they. It’s a happy rug! Let me know how you get on with the tutorial, it’s probably the best I’ve ever read!

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