No new clothing pledge!

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Hey everyone! It’s the first day of a new month, and I wanted to share with you a little idea I had when I was mindlessly shopping in one of those urban wastelands also known as a shopping centre a few days ago.

No new clothes pledge

I pledge to only buy used clothing from thrift stores or to make my own clothes for the next 6 months.

Isn’t it just too easy to wander into a store lately? There are always some great sales happening, and next thing you know, you’ve bought half a dozen things that you just couldn’t pass up, under the name of retail therapy. What bargains! But you hardly ever wear them, your wardrobe is already overflowing, and meanwhile, you have just contributed to supporting what is often slave labour to produce them. I mean, really. I can’t MAKE a t-shirt for $4, so why is it ok to buy one? Who made it?

This article from The Independent makes for interesting reading – The real cost of fashion: a special report. The blog, WearItFair goes into even more detail in this post detailing the issues.

This is a rather touchy subject, especially when you see the number of people in the city who are veritable slaves to fashion. But for me, I wear what suits me, what’s comfortable and what I enjoy. I don’t buy because of the fact that colours are now in, or out. I don’t care that my hem is 2 inches too high or too low. I’m also not naive enough to think that this will really make a difference. But I feel better knowing that I am making a stand. Maybe you’d like to make one with me?

Eventually I would like to change much more of my wardrobe over to handmade clothing, however until my energy levels and skills catch up, I will settle for recycling previously loved clothes. And, obviously, I get bonus points if I use fabric that’s already in my rather large collection!

And there are some wonderful finds out there – here are just a couple of my thrifting scores of the last few weeks, as I’ve already shown you what I’ve sewn up recently.


Fresh dress for the last of summer, $4




Gorgeous cotton skirt – with its own adorable underlayer. $2

So I expect all my lovely readers to keep me accountable whenever my steps may stray into the realms of clothing stores or the big chain stores, so that one item at a time, we can make our clothes a little bit more friendly all around.

So the official challenge starts today, the 1st of March. No new clothing for me for 6 months. I will check in regularly and let you all know how I’m going!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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6 Responses

  1. knitnkwilt

    Let me cheer for a very good goal! I try to buy from cooperatives as much as possible. I’ll have to lose weight–thrift stores stopped working for me when I passed size 14. I even found Fair Trade fabrics, a little more coarsely woven than i am used to, but usable for many things. What I can’t find is fairly traded jeans that fit or comfortable shoes.

  2. jennyrecorder

    Hi Cassandra, you will be thrilled to experience how easy this is! I informally made “the pledge” nearly a year ago and formally last August. I don’t really look at clothing shops any more, unless it is for inspiration for the next project. As I am not really an op shop buyer, I haven’t got into that so much; but I am taking lessons from an op shop queen, so I hope to change my mindset 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Oh, who is your op-shop queen and where do you normally shop? I’ve been op-shopping since I can remember as a child, it saved us many a time when our boys were little and money was oh-so-tight.

  3. Katie

    I love this post and have actually been meaning to write a post about my thoughts on this issue for ages! I unofficially made a similar pledge some time ago. Though I am not perfect and have bought the odd cheap mass produced thing here and there, I could count the pieces of new clothing I have bought in the last six months on my fingers. And it’s been surprisingly easy! I love op-shopping and am getting better at sewing. And I’ve decided if I want to treat myself to something new, I’ll try to get it from someone who makes things on Etsy, or at the very least an ethical company who have sustainable practices and don’t use sweatshops. After all, if I’m buying less stuff and saving money in the process, I figure I can afford to splurge a little now and then on more expensive pieces that have been produced ethically 🙂

    • Cassandra

      So glad you feel the same way Katie! I’d love if you posted a follow-up on your blog, you reach a much wider range than I do, and the more support, the better!

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