Remaking clothes into treasures

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Everyone is different about their clothes. My DS2 has a few favourite items that he just loves and wears to death. It really is hard for him to admit that these clothes are out-grown, or even just plain worn out.

Take this pair of corduroy pants…. worn until they quite literally fell apart at the seams!! They were only fit for throwing away, which seemed a waste to me. So in the spirit of frugal living….


Add in some wool blend felt bought for another project, and some leftover cotton fabric from a pencil-case project…


Stir gently…. add in a gorgeous Dolls and Daydreams pattern… (etsy store right here)


And before you know it, you have a memento to remember those treasured pants by…. and a new friend to boot!


Of course, I would never use a button nose on a toy meant for a small child, but at 14, I hope he is past the age of pulling such things off toys.

The pattern was easy to follow, with useful tips along the way. I certainly would recommend it, but I wouldn’t recommend vintage corduroy for your first foray into toy-making. It was very tricky to make sure the nap (or pile) of the fabric was all going the same way, and the fabric, being quite old and worn, tended to fray very easily, making stuffing the limbs a challenge. However, he turned out amazingly well in just a day of sewing, and, of course, his name is Corduroy Bear.


There is enough fabric from the pants for at least one more toy, and I can say confidently that this won’t be the last one I make!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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