New mixed media supplies – vintage paper galore

On a regular visit to the local Op-shop, or Thrift store to our northern neighbours, I spotted this little gem of a book…..

1972 Almanac


A 1972 Almanac, about 3 or 4 inches thick at least. Filled with the most glorious vintage sheets of text, charts, and page after page of information. Everything you may ever want to know about Britain, the empire, or even the world, all just crying to be turned into marvellous artwork.

After coming home, and sleeping on some ideas, I went back the next day with an extra pair of hands in tow. We picked up 2 more Almanacs, although one was in fairly poor condition.

Mixed Media BooksWe also collected 2 beautiful vintage Atlases  as well as a small encyclopaedia, complete with exquisite sheets of colour illustrated plates. These are too good to chop up, and will definitely be scanned in. This book is from the 1950’s. I even went back for a third trip for one more atlas, and a “ready reckoner” which is vintage book that acts as a pre-decimal version of a calculator. All those columns of numbers made my little imagination go giddy! Although the lady at the counter was sadly horrified when I confessed I was going to destroy the book. I’m sorry, but there isn’t much use for pounds, shillings and pence around here anymore…. hasn’t been for well over 40 years!

I had also ordered online a copy of the latest Somerset Studio magazine, which arrived last week. I particularly wanted this issue as it was full of Mixed Media whimsy, including a lovely article on the talented Juliette Crane. I also enjoyed the cover article on Cori Dantini. I have been so inspired, I think I might need to have a regular subscription to this magazine!

Somerset Studio

So, there is plenty of inspiration abounding here at the moment…. I am just waiting for the fog of pain to lift so that I can create. I tried some sketching on Sunday night, for about 5 minutes. It was not very comfortable but a beautiful girl just leapt into life in my book fully formed…. I can’t wait to move her onto a canvas!



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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