Free Art Journalling and Mixed Media video resources

Wow, that title is a little bit of a mouthful isn’t it! But the two terms are used fairly interchangeably these days, and I’m really excited to share some video resources that I hope might give you some inspiration.

Some awesome Gelli Plate backgrounds on old envelopes
Some awesome Gelli Plate backgrounds on old envelopes

Of course, there are always paid courses you can do – and many of them are outstandingly good value for money. However, before I pay for a course, I like to check out a video of the artist’s teaching style, and hear them working to see if I feel like they would be a good fit for me.

I have come across several amazing artists that offer free classes to go with their paid ones, and I thought I would share the list here with you.

First up is Tamara Laporte, who’s main site is As well as her blog, her newsletter and her inspirational self, she has a ning site, where, once you have joined up, you have a choice of buying some classes, as well as an amazing free one, called Art, Heart and Healing. It’s really personal and inspirational, and quite profound. Tam is also a prolific artist and teacher, and it’s a good way to see which of her other courses you would enjoy. The best part about her class is that all her videos are downloadable! That’s a huge benefit to those of us who don’t have unlimited bandwidth, here in the land down under. I wish more people offered this feature – especially with this course, which is substantial! Week 1 alone is over 2 hours, broken into 2 videos.

Next is Dirty Footprints Studio, home of Connie Hozvicka who believes passionately in painting from the very depths of who you are and what you are feeling. She has provided the amazingly extensive Total Alignment workshop, free. It’s such a generous gift.

Jeanne Oliver is another to use the Ning platform. It’s a little difficult to navigate at first, but she has provided an amazing 1 hour long class on Mixed Media Vintage Girls, which is a sample taken from an even larger class.  Totally amazing and worth signing up for. I’ve added the larger class to my “one day” list….

I know I posted about Donna Downey in my last Art roundup, but I’ve got a bit of crush on her don’t you know. But for a weekly dose of inspiration, you can’t miss her Inspiration Wednesdays. She sometimes doesn’t know what her page is going to turn out like, which is beyond refreshing in this world of “faux perfectionism”.

Another couple that I am in the process of trying out are Carolyn Dube of “A Colorful Journey”, and the new to me Gulfsprite and her ning site.

I know I have ignored a huge internet source here, namely youtube, but seriously, there are just too many to list. You can find inspiration and instruction on pretty well anything there!

I hope that this list is helpful to you, if you come across some amazing teachers that I have left out, I would love to hear from you!

Stay creative everyone!


 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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