Can I make you uncomfortable?

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I know that you come here for pretty projects, for sewing ideas and fabric and puppy photos. But today I really need to make you a little uncomfortable with something that needs to be said.

When was the last time you reached out to someone and let them see your feelings? When did you last ask to see theirs?

I have a LOT of first hand experience with depression, both personally and in my family. Some people are just wired differently to how everyone else seems to be and depression is a fiend that never leaves them alone.

Especially at risk are our beloved men. Our fathers, husbands, sons.

Did you realise that these rocks, these men who hide all emotion except the good ones and never admit when they are beaten, that 1 in 8 of them will experience depression at least once in their lifetime? It could be a transitory phase, as when they have lost their job, or due to illness, a dramatic loss in their life or just something that you can never pinpoint.

They don’t often ask for help. They have been taught by this world that emotions are for other people, that they must stand tall, be strong and carry the load. They will smile, and joke. Maybe drink too much, too often. They keep the darkness well hidden, and then one day it may beat them.

Please, because we love our family and friends so much, ask them if they are ok. Listen to their answers. Make them feel understood, that their feelings are valid and of genuine concern to you.

These are two wonderful websites……

Beyond Blue – resources for men


If you have questions regarding depression, or how to support someone at risk. If you don’t know where to turn to for help, or how to talk about your feelings or someone else’s. Please reach out to those sites. Professional help is easier than you think, and more effective than you may expect.

Because we love all these men of ours…..

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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