Hexagon quilting January update

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So, the move went really well, thanks to lots of lovely friends who pitched in and helped out. I was out of action due to an unfortunate mistiming of events, having had surgery 3 days before moving day.

The house is 95% unpacked, and already feeling like home. I’m slowly setting up my new studio, however its a smaller space so I’m taking my time and getting organised and decluttered in one hit. However, we are still without internet at home, hopefully for not too much longer.

Thank goodness for the English Paper Piecing hexagons I set up in a little crafting kit before we moved. Having something to stitch at day by day has kept me sane. Here’s some progress shots that I’ve been also sharing on Instagram.





The current tally is 23 hexagon flowers, which accounts for about 1 per day. If I can keep that up, this quilt will grow very quickly! Its all using fabric scraps from different quilts, bee blocks and swap gifts. The final effect will be scrappy and crazy and a tangible memory of all I’ve been creating over the last couple of years.

Who knows how big it will grow by the end of it?!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Sharon

    Oh, I did warn you, didn’t it?

    Such an addictive craft, so much fun to see it grow, and so very practical … you can carry around several hours of handsewing in a cute little zippered pouch!

    Loving what you have done so far … 🙂

  2. Natasha

    Snap! That’s exactly what I am doing with 3/4″hexies …the plan to make a quilt fromscraps in my stash as a keepsake of all the fabulous fabric I’ve used at one time or another! Glad to hear all is going well since the surgery and move.

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