Quilty Sisters and knitty holiday ramblings.

You may have been around long enough to remember my quilt finish from a couple of years ago, called Cordelia’s Sisters.

I have been friends with many of those sisters for a long time, others I’ve dropped out of touch with, one has sadly passed away. But my closest sister and friend is Julie. She and her daughter contributed to the quilt and we continue to send each other little gifts and thoughtful surprises randomly through the year.

With her husband and fur-babies in tow, we are trying to catch up and camp together every so often, and we just had another visit last month (April).

You can see their cheery yellow van on the right, which has been full renovated. Our Coronet in green on the left was only purchased the week before. As you can see from the photo the weather was dreary and just proved that our van was NOT watertight. So watch this space, it will be a few months of work over winter hopefully to get it all back shipshape.

I knit a lot for my own sanity, it beats a fidget cube any day and I have something to show for it. These are just two of my many pairs. The pair on the right, Julie’s, is made from a mix of two balls, including the wool from the pair that I am wearing on the left. Also, the coral scarf I knitted for Julie last year, was made from some of the wool that she gifted me earlier in the year.

In January Julie’s daughter gifted me two enormous bags of wool that she no longer had space for. I used three balls to knit for Ash this gorgeous seriously squishy cowl. I worked on it for the 4 days we were away and sent it home with Mum at the end of the trip. Because we were stuck indoors due to the rain, I also cast on, and finished and 8ply pair of acrylic bedsocks, and managed a new record, 1 pair in less than 12 hours.

Of course, I bought more wool from a craft shop in Stawell while we were away, and now I have plenty to keep my fingers busy over winter.

One last bittersweet parting shot before next time. Unless they convince us to move to Victoria between now and then!!

Two quilty sisters wrapped in the love of all their sisters. Thankyou to everyone who made this quilt happen with your loving contributions.
Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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