Welcome to the Juicy Quilting Studio!

I am so happy to share with you the last major project for getting the studio finished, and I have to say, it looks fabulous.

When you come to visit me, this is what will greet you!


Juicy Quilting Studio renovation


Our final job had been to fix the drainage along the front of the building, which needed to be diverted out to the street. After that came the fun part of adding some plants!


Juicy Quilting Studio renovation


I love gardening, so when DH asked me to go shopping and gave me a list of requirements – sun hardy, drought tolerant, not too big because the soil there is very shallow over the drainage pipe, this was what I came home with. Purple Fountain Grass, two different types of Kangaroo Paws and some flowering Lomandra. It all got planted out with a good serve of soil from the compost bin in the chicken yard, and so far, they are looking very happy with their new home.


Juicy Quilting Studio renovation


Juicy Quilting Studio renovation


Juicy Quilting Studio renovation


Here’s my little entrance! We need to pick up a nice stone paver or maybe a piece of slate to put in front of the door, but at least we can come and go with ease now. I’m so happy every time I go out there to look at my little home away from home. Of course, the finishing touch will be a tiny little water feature just to the left of the door – with no room to plant anything there and being conveniently located right next to a power point, a tinkling fountain outside my door will be music to my ears!



Dottie Angel Frock-along Cassandra Madge



Don’t forget to get yourself organised for our Dottie Angel Frock-along  – the countdown is on, and I have more exciting news – we’ve lined up some sponsors and prizes for participating at the end! More details to follow, but I can tell you, I’m excited!!



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. April S

    I’m looking forward to the sew along! I haven’t seen clothing in awhile and this looks like a fun pattern which may work very well for work tops instead of the “scrub” tops I wear to work!?!

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Melissa! I’m pretty chuffed with the finished product. I pinch myself when I’m out there working that it really is my dream space!!

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