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Vintage Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Cassandra Madge


I’ve been busy creating some beautiful one of a kind artworks – using modern fabrics and vintage embroidery. I have collected these doilies over many years – I am a bowerbird by nature and never miss an opportunity to pick up another treasure.


Vintage Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Cassandra Madge


Ranging in size from 10″ to a dainty 3″, I spent my creative time dreaming of the rooms that these would decorate. A sweet nursery for a baby girl, or a funky vintage inspired retro bedroom. I just love the sleeping Mexican with his donkey, I couldn’t resist adding “Siesta” to him. The small blue dress was stitched by me, using a pattern from the talented Tasha Noel, who also designs adorable fabric.


Vintage Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Cassandra Madge


I think they look quite perfect all grouped together…

Find them in stock at Village Creative Studio, Wellington Point, Brisbane.




 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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