November quilting book reviews – Patchwork Please and Zakka-Style Gifts


November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge


This time of year, everyone is madly crafting gifts – because we all want to give that little piece of ourselves that is much harder to get with a gift card. Whether it is christmas gifts or end of year teacher gifts, hostess gifts for the holiday visits or something just to make a friend feel special. Both of these books are focussed on quick and simple projects, easy to make and personalise for the recipient.

I was not overwhelmed by the Love to Sew: Zakka Style Gifts book by Cecilia Hanselmann. All of the projects were super simple, being detailed in one single page of instructions.


November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge


The gifts were very simple makes and most of them were ideal for using as bee or swap extras, or that little something for the person who has everything. However they didn’t stand out to me as “the gift”, mainly they felt like the “extra gift”.


November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge


Patchwork, Please!: by Ayumi Takahashi in contrast, didn’t have as many individual projects in it, but each one felt more substantial. Ranging from the simple to full quilts, there was something to appeal to everyone and each skill level.


November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge


For example, both books have simple cafe-style aprons, however Ayumi’s has that extra detail of the adorable fussy cut patchwork pockets, whereas the other apron has a scalloped edge that would be a total pain in the rear to sew, press and maintain. To my eye, the bottom apron is just that much cuter, and screams “special”.


November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge


I really wish I looked this cute in the kitchen when I was cooking!


November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge


Other projects that have taken the online quilting world by storm include her beautiful paper pieced book blocks, perfect for all the amazing fairytale and nursery fabric prints available.


November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge November quilting book review - Cassandra Madge


Here are three more projects, all ideal for fussy cutting and making really quick to put together gifts that look stylish and not at all like an afterthought.


So if you are in the market for some handmade gift ideas, Patchwork, Please!: Colorful Zakka Projects to Stitch and Give gets my vote for the variety, cute factor and the special details included which lift it above the competition.



Have you read either of these? Do you agree with my review? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. Clair Acres

    Yeah, I agree too. Though if I’m honest…I’ve always been an Ayumi fan. I love the exta detail she puts in that’s just so simple, yet makes the finished product stand out.

  2. agnes

    I love Patchwork Please! The prettified pincushion is one of my faves to make as an extra. I can see the mini quilts using the book, envelope or bloom pattern that could be a “main” swap item. Now I’m inspired to try something new from that book!

    • Cassandra

      It’s such a versatile book! I’d love to make the apron, but I always forget to wear one in the kitchen 😉 Thanks for sharing your ideas Agnes!

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