Farmer’s Wife 1930’s – Bingo Game 2

Game on for round two of Farmer’s wife Bingo! I thought it was a cool touch this time letting us choose our own top 5 blocks. It has been really interesting seeing what everyone has chosen.

My top 5 were the ones that, as I flicked through my rapidly increasing pile, made my heart a little giddy!


FW Bingo2_Cassandra Madge


Here you can see them all in no particular order, displayed on my high-tech photo wall with my authentically vintage drawer shelf and canister, and not quite as authentic but perfectly colour co-ordinated sugar tin.


FW Bingo2_Cassandra Madge


In no particular order we have Cat, Jenny, Belle, Autumn and Addie.


FW22_Cat_Cassandra Madge 2



FW9_Autumn_Cassandra Madge



In case you missed any of these blocks when I first published them, I have linked all the individual pictures above to their blog posts, so you can get caught up!


FW Bingo2_Cassandra Madge


But don’t ask me which one of these blocks is my top favourite, because I honestly couldn’t tell you!! (It’s Addie. No, it’s Autumn. Or maybe it’s sweet little Jenny. shhhh don’t tell the other blocks!) One thing is for sure, every time I see all these blocks together, I get a little bit more excited for that big day when I can lay them all out and call it done!


Have you made a sampler quilt in the past? Do you like the variety between all the blocks, or do you prefer making quilts out of the same block repeated? This is my first foray into sampler quilts, and I’m a little anxious still. Share with us your experiences and ideas in the comments!



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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