Farmer’s Wife 1930’s – Addie, Margaret and Milly

We’ve had another busy week farming, with three more blocks released! Without further ado, let’s meet the new members of the family!


FW Group Cassandra Madge


First up we had the release of block 1, Addie. She is a total sweetie and I think maybe my favourite for the sew along so far. I noticed the potential in her design for really highlighting the plus shape that seems to fit in behind the feature square print, so I chose my fabrics to make the most of that part of the design. I’m really happy with how it worked out.


FW1_Addie_CassandraMadge FW1_Addie_CassandraMadge


Set square or on point, the design has a real visual impact.


Farmer's Wife Addie - Cassandra Madge


For some ideas on construction, here is the back of the block. I used set A of the Marti Michell templates and mostly pressed my seams to the sides. This helped nest the three parts of the block together, meaning my corners and points for the most part were lined up.

You can find Angie’s tutorial for Addie HERE, and guest blogger for this block was Cat, her foundation paper pieced tutorial is HERE.


Next up this week we had the double header of Margaret and Milly. Lots and lots of half square triangles and lots of seams. For an experiment I tried pressing one block’s seams open, and the other to the side. It made a lot of difference to my points, but each method was equally tedious and still lumpy. The only thing that saved me by the end was a hefty spray of Best Press and a heavy press with a hot iron.


FW57_Margaret_CassandraMadge FW62_Milly_CassandraMadge


I tried to more consciously find shapes that I wished to highlight with my fabric selections, and lay them out accordingly. I’m not sure how well I succeeded with either of these two blocks, however I am glad to feel like my fabric selection skills are evolving. Both of these blocks were cut with a single template from my Marti Michell set A.


You can find Angie’s tutorials for Margaret HERE and Milly HERE.  Marti Michell has published a tutorial for these blocks HERE, including a bonus block of her own devising! For even more help and inspiration don’t miss out Kirsty’s post over at Bonjour Quilts.


Farmer's Wife Margaret - Cassandra Madge Farmer's Wife Milly  - Cassandra Madge


These are both blocks that you want to take your time sewing together, as it’s extremely easy to mix up the order of the pieces. I kept them laid out on my design board next to the sewing machine, and I chain pieced each row without cutting the thread in between, to help hold the order together. I explain this technique in more detail HERE, I can highly recommend it for these blocks.


Farmer's Wife 1930's - Cassandra Madge


I am certainly still having fun putting these blocks together, choosing fabrics and making sure that there is plenty of variety amongst them. I am so excited to see what they are looking like together for the next milestone, maybe in December I’ll take another family portrait!


How’s your farm going? Let me know if you need help with any particular block or technique, I’ll do my best to help!




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 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Suesews Too

    Gorgeous blocks as always Cassie! That Addie block, yes it’s great to highlight the plus, but when you don’t match the points up well, it makes it stand out even more 😭 lots of unpicking on this one

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Melissa! I’m really surprised how much I’m loving these colours and prints which felt so out of my “normal” choices at the start.

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