Ice Cream Soda EPP update!

Slowly but surely I am working my way through my latest English Paper Piecing project, previously shared with you HERE.



This batch of stars totals 20 which brings my tally up to 36 stars completed. I have also picked out my joining piece fabric, shown here in the background of a rich navy. It really makes the 3 different levels in the star pop, and will provide movement through the finished quilt.




As you can see with these blocks, I have been forced to include a fair amount of colour into the “blue” theme otherwise I would have run out of fabric a lot earlier than I have. I have also included some fussy cutting on selected prints, but I refuse to go overboard with it. My experiences with fussy cutting on other projects show that it’s incredibly wasteful of fabric.

It’s only a couple of months until I get the last installment of pieces from Jodi at Tales of Cloth, then I will be able to start basting and attaching the diamonds and triangles for joining. In the meantime I am sad to say that I am practically out of blue fabric (gasp!) and so this project will be stored away until I can produce some more appropriately coloured scraps.


What’s your opinion on Monochromatic quilts. Love them? Hate them? Do you have a favourite colour?





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4 Responses

  1. Robby H.

    I think monochromatic quilts are tricky. They can be stunning if done well, or just fall a little flat. That navy is going to be spectacular with your other pieces.

  2. Brenda Montgomery

    I love your quilt! I want to tackle an EPP quilt, but I need to finish some of my other projects first. My family will kill me if I start another new project!

  3. Gaila

    Cassie, I love the blue stars! Waiting for more blue fabric . . . just the right kind . . . will be well worth the wait. Blue is my favorite color. However, I picked up some spectacular purple fat quarters at Joann’s recently; I can’t wait to dig into those!

  4. Gertrud Konrad

    Ich liebe blaue Projekte. Habe meinem Stofflager überwiegend blaue Stoffe, welche aber in meiner
    Wohnung nicht zum Einsatz kommen, weil da fast nur warme Farben passen.
    A b e r ich habe ja genug Abnehmer für meine blauen Arbeiten.
    Freue mich schon auf ein neues Projekt.
    Liebe Grüße Gertrud

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