Stella Weekender bag taking me over the rainbow!

While you are reading this, I am off enjoying a little vacation with my quilty BFF. Although it’s only the next state over, I still needed a new overnight bag, and I have been holding on to this pattern and fabric for a couple of years at least!



Introducing my own Stella Weekender bag, sewn up using a fantastic linen from Flying Colors by MoMo, printed by Moda. Honestly there is so much happening in this fabric, I had a great time choosing little details and motifs for the different flaps, pockets and pieces. I feel like starting a little “Where’s Wally” game to count all the snails creeping around the bag!



Although I’ll admit that my favourite part is the pattern matching I was able to achieve with the back panel, which is fully quilted, with a full size slip pocket across the width. I added extra piping to the top of this pocket, as well as the two end ones, because I love the crisp definition it gives them.



The incredibly practical and feature packed Stella Weekender is from Swoon Sewing Patterns and it really is the ultimate travel bag. With more pockets than you can poke a stick at, there’s no excuse to be fumbling for your headphones, boarding pass or travel sickness pills with this bad boy.



Hopefully you can see some of the birds and flowers peeking out from all these pockets – and I had a bit of fun choosing some stash prints for little pops like the lining on the pocket flaps etc.



Of course, I had to add in an Emmaline bags zipper pull, in case anyone didn’t realise this bag was completely handmade and one of a kind!! The khaki external zipper was another vintage find, the silver metal teeth match nicely with all my silver accessories and hardware That includes my own addition to the pattern, which was 8 feet on the bottom. Floors at airports aren’t the cleanest places after all!



Another of my own modifications was the diamond quilting on all the foam panels. I kept the grid at 1″ spacing, and although it certainly made the bag take longer to make, thanks to all the marking, I really love the finished result. Yet another finish for the Zest Bag Studio!


What handmade accessories do you travel with? Would you tackle a big bag like this, or would you rather buy one?


 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Sue

    Oh my goodness! Your bag is so gorgeous that I just went and bought the pattern! Stunning!

  2. Robby H.

    You did the most remarkable job on this, from creative ideas to execution. I’m not sure I’m up to making one of these, but you certainly make me want to try!

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