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Boy I was busy today. I got up and had a shower first thing, had all the shopping done by 10.30 as I had promised to help my friend with her baby go and get a haircut, she was Soooo overdue. So am I as a matter of fact, haven’t been able to use my straightener for a while as my hair is so thick and long again.

And today I bought myself a NEW keyboard and mouse!! Wireless AND optical in fact. I had gotten used to using Andrew’s wireless, took me ages to go back to Corded when I got my own computer, and now I’m back and free again! Makes designing so much easier when you don’t have that weight slowing you down. And my mouse was DIRTY too, so it wasn’t tracking so well.

Now all I need is a bigger mouse pad, preferably one that isn’t KIDNEY shaped as I always seem to fall off the edge right when I’m doing something really tricky.

Speaking of doing stuff, I have been creating more and more layouts lately. I ended up getting a 3rd one done yesterday, for the font challenge at SBB. And then today, 2 more in between chores. Well, I burnt dinner on the last one, but only on the edges 😉


This layout was made with Amy’s Bubba’s Sweatshirt page kit, (with matching alpha).

Fonts used were FB Salsa (the challenge font) and Jeana.
I really love how this one turned out… I kept on trying to
add stuff to it, but had to say, it’s done….


This was just a quickie to try out Amy’s new Lavendar Mini kit. Love these soft romantic papers, but it’s a bit of a challenge for me to find appropriate photos.

Not many soft romantic pictures around here! 😉
Used Fabulous 50’s font. So cool!
This layout has been a while in my head. I was ripping some old photo cd’s and found these
pictures, and knew just what I wanted to say with them.
Used Kim Hill (CGEssentials) free mini kit for September, nice and masculine, but
not macho! Fonts were FB Salsa (again!) and BigMister C (I’m not kidding, it’s called that!)
I have just loaded up on some really nice handwriting fonts, and I’m loving them!
And I also used Grumble on the little file tabs.

Journalling is quite long, and reads:

“You have both been making me very sad lately. You seem to be always arguing about
Mine and Yours and wanting your own space. I know you both resent having each
other in your faces 24/7, and want to have your own identity and not feel like you are always
competing.However, when I see these pictures I still have hope that this is just a stage and that you will eventually apprectiate each other. When you are quiet, and still. When you are distracted, you turn to each other for comfort and company.
It warms my heart…”

It has NOT been very peaceful around here lately, something that I am working very hard on. Tyson has got a very helpful to me attitude, but he is very snarky with Sam on a regular basis. He resents most of what Sam is and does, not only because he’s the youngest, and Mum’s pet (well, he IS my baby….) but because everything COMES so much EASIER to Sam. Which is really strange because Tyson is extremely bright. So what that makes Sam, I don’t even want to think. I just keep telling myself that it’s second child syndrome, they have absorbed learning from their older siblings, so naturally they learn faster. But he is also more popular at school, and that hurts just as bad. So Tyson’s way of coping is to try to shut him out. But he reckons without Sam, who just won’t take NO for an answer, never has and never will. We don’t call him Napoleon for nothing around here.

Neway, enough ranting….

Hope you like the layouts.

Time for bed now,
Ciao!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. AmyK

    I remember fighting with my brothers so much I thought we would never get along – and now we are all great friends. I hope your boys come to appreciate one another and give you some peace!

    You have been a creating fool lately – I can’t believe how many pages you’ve done just this month! I love what you were able to do with the lavendar kit. 🙂

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