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Ok, vent over….

I just wanted to share my latest layout with you all. As usual it’s had a mixed reception. No comments at SBB (surprise surprise). No comments at DSW (no surprise). and 4 very generous and enthusiastic comments at DigiScrapDivas.com, from gals that I really admire and respect the work of, Jess and Dani included. Thanks girls, you made my day!

Sammy-Hey-Dad-CT Papers and elements from Dirty Boy kit by Fernlili. Inked edge action (which I put on everything except my cereal ) from AtomicCupcake.com. Fonts used are My Old Remington, Kristen ITC, LoveMeAvenue. Created in Photoshop 7.

This was a hysterical moment after dinner at the end of last term. Sammy’s class had a relief teacher for the last 3 weeks of term, who, smart woman, was teaching them sign language to keep the classroom noise down to a dull roar. I don’t know if it worked or not 😉 but he did learn some great things.

Well, I finally did it…. I emailed off my Best and Brightest entry. 10 original, never before seen layouts. And I’m so happy with the vast majority of them. Really. Really happy. The way I figure it, even if I don’t win, I’ve got some good things to submit to other magazines in the new year. So now I have to wait until then, but I’m not holding my breath. I only entered for the challenge.

Meanwhile, I am holding my breath, waiting for my Jen Wilson CT rejection…. I’m not normally negative, but I was blog surfing today and discovered some of the other entries, by scrappers that I seriously admire. She’s got to pick them over me, I know I would. But I had fun, and hey, I tried. Now to go and find some rich dark chocolate and drown my sorrows.

Or, in fact, time to go get the muchkins from school…. later!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Peta

    wahoo on the entry hun!! Can’t wait to see what you got up to!! 🙂

    I know what you mean about the Jen thing – only a few more days left now *sigh* hehe

    really should of hired out those hit men huh ROFL

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