This week in the garden.

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So, this week has been fairly uneventful in the garden. The garlic is busy doing it’s thing underground…. it seems to have slowed down with the rain, which I was surprised at. Hopefully the pots are draining ok and the poor things aren’t drowning in there. They look pretty happy.

These are 3 out of 5 pots, the variety is Early Purple. At one point, every time we went out to check there was a new shoot, and the older shoots were growing over an inch a day!

I planted these before I read that you shouldn’t bother planting the weak and small cloves. However I put all the teeny little ones together in the middle of the pot. The plan is to pick garlic chives from them! Then the bulb formation won’t matter anyway.

Indoors, I still only have 2 lonely Climbing Pea plants, however I haven’t given up on the other seeds just yet. I discovered today that these have massive root systems that are growing out the bottom of the tube, so they went outside undercover to harden up and should be planted out on Thursday I hope.

The chickens did NOT like spending yesterday indoors. However with the horrendous weather we had, bitterly cold and pelting rain all day, there wasn’t a lot of attraction outside. Today was only slightly better, but you would think these chooks hadn’t been outside in weeks! Here is Naomi, who is developing her wattles and red colour very nicely. I guess the weather isn’t good enough for her to start laying with winter around the corner, but it was worth a shot.

These girls just keep growing and growing!

They eat non-stop…. I don’t think they have ever heard of the whole, chickens will only eat until they are full thing. Or they are just greedy. They certainly are spoilt, while the weather is this rotten, they get a bowl of porridge mixed in with a couple of big spoons of yoghurt for afternoon tea. They look forward to it every day, get very excited when they see me coming, and don’t stop until the bowl has been licked clean (so to speak).

So that’s the week in our garden so far…. what have you planted or harvested today?Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Seasonsgirl

    We have planted beans, spring onions, garlic too, radishes, tomatoes, and in small pots from seeds lettuce, zucuini, many pepper types, other onions, etc. I love the garden.

    • Cassandra

      That sounds great! I’m really looking forward to spring planting later this year…. I’m looking forward to spring full stop. Not a winter fan at all!

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