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I thought that I’d do a mass update here… I had just typed up an enormous post for you all and blogger killed it…. I can’t type it all again. I’m so stressed I don’t want to relive it all again.

I was shooting under such terrible conditions and odds…. I am never agreeing to such terms again. I got some shots. Not as many as I’d have hoped, but hey…. this is my battle.

A bright sunny park at 4pm
6 adults to shoot, 2 of which I’d never met before I got out of the car. And they took forever to “warm” up.
4 of them wearing glasses, 2 of them quite bald, 1 frail, 1 pregnant.

Traipsing all over this park, so that took TIME which I just didn’t HAVE! I had just over an hour to shoot all 6 together, and nice shots of each couple. And every different setup had different lighting etc.

I didn’t have the skills or experience to cope with it…. and I’m going to be paying for that with a whole lot of photoshopping.

Thanks again for all your support, your emails and chats meant a lot to me…. I’m going to be under this rock for a few days until these photos are cleaned up and out of my hair.

It will get better, honest! 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. cassi girl

    Well I think you did well to take ANY photos. I would have just gone nah, too hard, come back another day!! lol.
    I am sure there are some great shots in there….and that you are just too critical as we all are of our own stuff!

    Can’t wait to see them!
    Sandi 🙂

  2. ksharonk

    Wow, glad you survived it, Cass. Looking forward to seeing some of the shots, if we can. Add green ants to the park equation, and you will have your ‘victims’ really animated for the photo shoot … 🙂

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