Revealing our glamorous bathroom!

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I haven’t mentioned much about this house on here. We moved in a bit over 8 years ago, and actually were pretty happy to just live in it and not worry too much about the main house. The studio outside of course, was a different story!

The house (and bathroom) was originally built in the 70’s, although previous owners had replaced the bathroom vanity, tiled a new floor (over the old!), put in a new showerscreen and had the tiles and bath repainted white. I wish I’d seen it in it’s original colour which was lilac. That would have been cool.

The bathroom had a full sized bath and was seriously cramped. There was no storage, I still struggle to believe we had 4 adults living here. Thankfully I was the only girl and I’m not a “girly-girl” by ANY stretch of the imagination. The bath was never used, the shower was so small if you turned around in a hurry you would turn the mixer tap off, and after many years, the paint was wearing off the tiles and looked pretty crap. The room is solid brick, and with 2 layers of tiles on the floor a LOT of work was needed.

Wow. I forgot how the shower door opened into the room door. You couldn’t open them both together. The funny bit of tiling in the middle of the shower around the tap was from a few years ago when the original 70’s mixer tap died and could not be repaired. That long and high window is due East, so most of the day this room is actually full of light!

The brief for the bathroom was to create a spa-like atmosphere that’s low maintenance. The bath, after much soul-searching, had to go. No big loss for us and we will deal with re-sale when the time comes. At the same time, we had the toilet (separate room) and laundry all re-done to match. So, enough waffling, lets get to the photos!

So, directly as you walk in the bathroom now, there is a beautiful large vanity with drawers and this feature concrete basin. A faux wall provided a ledge for storage in the shower and also helped to run all the new piping. The mirrored cabinet was a splurge, but it’s so nice to have somewhere to stash toothpaste, painkillers, cotton buds etc out of the way. It even has a power point inside!

The free standing shower screen, custom made with a curved top, protects the vanity from spray, and there’s no step down into the shower. Strip drain, rain head overhead and our “bath-less” compromise, a hand held shower perfect for bathing small people or even furry people. The dogs LOVE the new shower so much more than they ever liked the laundry trough bath. The window sill is over chin height on me, so no water ends up on there and with all the sun, I’ve been slowly migrating houseplants into this lovely humid environment.

Next to the door as you walk in is a row of towel rails, a couple of hooks directly in the shower and this fabulous bamboo caddy from Kmart that holds plants, candles, unopened product etc. The wall tiles are giant matte white ones, while the floor is a fake terrazzo 600mm square. The terrazzo goes up the faux wall to the shelf, then the stunning green feature tiles finish off the look.

The feature tiles set the cool, refreshing feel for the bathroom, while they have a lot of variation in shade which keeps it feeling more natural and organic. Honestly, every time I get in this shower I’m pinching myself that this is now our house, and I can use it anytime I want. It’s like stepping straight into a magazine! Complete project managed from conception to site clean by the team at Bathe Room Bathroom Renovations based in Adelaide. Honestly it was like they plucked my dream bathroom out of my brain and hit copy/paste into our space. But you’ll have to wait to see the laundry reveal, it’s not quite finished.

So, have you ever renovated your bathroom? What was the biggest challenge you faced? Ours was a porta-loo in our driveway in winter!
Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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