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Ok, so I haven’t been posting much lately 🙂 Here’s a bit of an update.

Scrap-wise I’ve been a bit busy with life type stuff, and haven’t gotten much scrapping done. But the galleries have been very disappointing, almost no comments and very few views. Not sure why the sudden die-off, but I hope it’s a temporary thing.

After all that, I just didn’t get anything at the Jen Wilson sale… nothing new or exciting. However, Laura Alpuche at TheDigiChick is retiring a few kits, and at 60% off, *skip* smiled nicely and said that special word – YES!!

The last one, Li’l Jesse is her free sampler of the moment, and the tan paper looks suspiciously like Kraft paper to me….. *wink*…. Gorgeous, and so practical. But if you want IN the sale is only for this weekend, so get your skates on!

In other scrapping news, I’m pleased to have had a new SM acceptance, and also a DMM acceptance so that’s been very fulfilling. Although the more I get accepted, the more pressure I feel to create “brilliant” everytime, so I’m going to go back to some journalling and trying to get back to WHY we scrap… to record MEMORIES….

I am trying to make a bit of a deal with myself also to catch up on some of my DT layouts that I’ve been neglecting. I also sat down and spent 2 hours yesterday editing photos from my shoot…. more hours to come. I’ve been getting the hang of using my new Kubota Actions, and man, some of the different layering effects you can get are awesome. I’ll have to do them on some photos that I CAN show you, to illustrate. (The next photo doesn’t have any done I think, I really can’t remember anymore. My memory is getting SHOCKING….)


Kit is a gorgeous Mini from called Pandoras Tranquility – love this yummy pink and brown combo with the hit of aqua. Also used inking and wild tear action from AtomicCupcake. Fonts used were AL Gettysburg and Miserable.

And finally… last but not least.

Last night we all went to Skyshow, sniffles and all. Skyshow is a local radio station Fireworks to music thing (about 20 minutes long) that’s been running over 20 years… but I’ve only been twice – this year and last. Last year was my first try at fireworks photos, and I got totally hooked. So this year, with 2 digital cameras, I spent half an hour finetuning settings and then set Andrew up with the baby and I ran the bubby camera and we got over 100 each. Some duds, of course…. just the fun of the game. I really love this one though – the only one I’ve had time to crop and re-size yet – now it’s my desktop! Like I said, it was only last night, we got home about 10.30…. Now I have to come up with something creative to DOOOO with all these photos, they deserve to be on display.


See, I told you it was a big post! Now I’ve got to go and do boring Mum-type stuff, finish cooking dinner etc. Later dudes!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    Ooooh, lots of interesting stuff to read and look at … waiting to see those fancy dancy actions in action! And off to check out the sale … did I say ‘sale’? 😉

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