This makes me smile!!

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Thanks, Amy, for the joke… it did make me smile!!

Here’s some more things. I think I’m going to have to start a list or something…


Journalling reads: I don’t think that I knew what to expect after I taught you how to CLICK
It has become an essential punctuation to your life. Such a habit, in fact
that no conversation with you is complete without the little noise
that you don’t even realise that you are making. Right to
the point that you are doing it in your sleep when we
disturb you to tuck you in for the night….Papers, elements and Alpha from “Relaxed” “Elated” Express Yourself CD from Ashley Olson and Dawn Stocstill from Scrapbook-bytes.
Inked edge action from AtomicCupcake. Fonts used are CBX Labelmaker and 2Peas Fixin too


Journalling reads:” I’m not really sure what went wrong,
One minute we were taking all these happy photos
of you with Tyson and then you got very upset. That
final look up at your Mummy is just too funny.
“Can’t you see I’m crying? Pick me up!!” ”

Background papers by Ashley Olson Fit for a Princess Paper Pack. Alpha by Ashley Olson Shortcake Paper pack, both from SBB. Inked edge and Wild tear actions from AtomicCupcake. Fonts used are Susie’s hand, Enchanted Prairie Dog and Fulton Artistamp


Paper and elements from Glimpse of Spring by Amy Knepper, Fonts used are Glider Girls and Heavy Texture.Don’t you just love all those flowers? They sure did make me smile yesterday…. 🙂

There’s some more stuff too, but my floor needs mopping and I’d better get to it.Later everyone!!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. cassi girl

    These layouts are gorgeous. I love the baby Madison one…too cute. They are just so hot and cold aren’t they!!
    Of course I love the one of Maddy and I am sure she loved it too!
    And as for the click thing I have made a mental note to not rush into teaching Brodie that one! Thanks for the advise.

    Sandi 🙂
    BTW – have the sneakers stopped flashing yet?? lol.

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