Well, it’s funny, but.

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I have this new blog, but I’m too busy etc to write in it.

So here’s a dot point summary.

  • I finally have some time off work, to get ready for the busy season just ahead. Yay.
  • I celebrate my time off work by getting a nasty sore throat that’s not so bad during the day, but keeps me up all night.
  • Our tenth anniversary is officially one week away. Hooray for us. Presents are in hand, etc etc.
  • I’m still not getting a lot of time/energy/inspiration to scrap.
  • I have to take Tyson shopping in the next few days for a new “rashie” and “boardies” for school swimming. He may not be able to swim, but at least he’ll look the part. He’s so huge, he’s just growing out of everything.
  • He also has a not so wonderful nearly 10 year old attitude. 😛
  • So, I just finished all the shopping and am going to have some more pain-killers and a lay down on the lounge. Had a dvd in our room – P&P (BBC version!) Disc 2 last night. Helped me to relax and sleep. Poor *skip* having Lizzy and Mr Darcy going at 11.30pm lol…
  • And hurry up and go shopping, for it’s Amy’s last day as a designer. I’m sad to be losing her special style, but very happy that she’s relaxing and taking some pressure off, and will now get time to SCRAP!

Ok, if you read this, can you please try and leave a comment? I don’t know if the comment thing is fixed or not, and I can’t test it without some commenters…. so comment away!! 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. AmyK

    I am just torturing my dh with BBC P&P disc 2 right now! Hee hee! Thanks for the plug. I hope you get some better sleep and feel better very soon! 🙂

  2. Tania

    Wow you do sound busy! Me too! Hope the comment thing is working, I never did figure it out huh, remind me if it’s not working again!

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