Greiving for Jester

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Hello gentle readers,

Just letting you know that we are currently mourning the loss of our beloved Jester. After a long illness with a tumour on/in her mouth, we had to make the heavy decision to end her fight last night. It has been even rougher than I expected, very hard on all of us. Thank goodness for our little ball of sunshine, Coco, whose unconditional love and kisses have given us comfort.

I knew this time was coming, and I took advantage of a great deal to have some of our favourite photos of Jessie printed on canvas, so she will always be with us. We hung these up a few weeks ago.

Jester Canvas web

However I keep waiting for the click of her claws coming into the room, her impatient scratch at the back door when she was ready to come in. We got her when Sam was 6 months old, they are almost the same age. She would have been 14 in April, which is a ripe old age considering her battles with infections and arthritis over the years. Her golden retirement, living inside with us over the last 2 years after her whole life being an “outside” dog, was a time we will all treasure. A fabulous companion, and a beautiful friend to all. Thankfully her pain is over now.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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