Few hiccups…

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Hi everyone. I’ve heard that you might have trouble making a comment to say hello. Feel free to email me instead. 😉 Just to let me know that the issue is still there. I’m working on it as well as I can, but all this word-press stuff is still pretty new.

I haven’t had any time to scrap really, been working lots. And will continue to do so for the time being…. coming up to the end of the year the shop is getting very busy and I’ve got extra hours coming out of my ears. Great for the wallet I suppose, not so great on the feet. The boss made me have another go at printing film today… and it wasn’t too bad. Oh, who am I kidding, I broke a serious sweat and took about 10 times too long to do it. We survived. Just.

I got a delivery of something extra special today… I created this to order a new mousemat with, and it’s come up sooo cool. Love it. And I need to practice my image insertion, so here I go.

I know there’s bucket load of credits due there, but I’m sorry. It’s after 10pm and I’m just too tired. But at least it worked – yay!! The mat came up a little darker than I expected because it’s printed on black neoprene type stuff, but it is really cool. So that was the high point of the day.

Ok, later dudes and dudettes….Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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