To read or not to read…. no question!

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One thing I love is that we are a family of readers. I have to dig the boys out of their books all the time, same for me, and after years of resisting, *skip* has succumbed to the bug also. I love being able to discuss a book that we’ve both read – it’s my own personal book club at home. Although I do have a habit of spoiling the plot, like asking when he’s halfway through, have they found the …….. yet? When they apparently haven’t. Lol. I don’t do it on purpose, honest!

And so much for my day off tomorrow. I’ve been called in for 11-2pm. Rats.

Anyway, here’s another layout for you to admire!!


Layout created using the Fabulous Jessica’s Fabulous Delight in Photographs part 2. Love these natural light candid photos I captured of my 2 darling munchkins 🙂

I can’t photoshop at the moment as we are recording TV on my computer and it makes it stutter, so I’m just pottering around answering emails, checking out galleries and stuff 🙂 I’ve been awake since 5 am, and it’s just gone 10, so I think I might just wander off. Maybe sneak a layout in before work tomorrow – in between loads of washing! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Cassie creation lol 😉Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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