This is not my life…

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I know, *skip* and I always joke about if it’s not crazy in some way, it’s not us, but this is just too crazy. We’ve got some serious stuff going on personally… Sam has been quite ill, I’ve been ill, and now Tyson has broken out in a rash of yucky red spots, he’s warm and itchy, and pending the Dr’s opinion in 4 hours, he’s got Chicken-pox. Then *skip* emails me and asks me when our waiting period for our brand new health insurance is up, because he has this tooth that REALLY hurts. Today I was SUPPOSED to be dress shoppping, for a very special event next week. But instead I’ve got both kids home, Sam has a “sore throat” and Tyson has the aforementioned spots. Believe me that I just want to crawl back into bed and start August again, because this just is NOT what I had in mind!

Sadly, my scrapping inspiration has FLOWN out the window… I just can’t get anything together, and I haven’t finished a layout in nearly a week. Sigh. I really REALLY need some sort of distraction right now…..

Ok, I do have one distraction. The wonderful TANIA has finally had her gorgeous baby… and she’s totally adorable and I just love the photos she’s posted of her….

Go meet Tallulah!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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