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Because I’m such a stirrer 🙂

My Dad has been hassling me to update my blog…. sometimes I just don’t know where to start. We’ve been our usual busy selves… I can’t even call it crazy busy anymore because it really is just normal for us now. *skip* was in Melbourne yesterday, coming back tonight. My mother had 3? nights in hospital last week, thankfully nothing major, but still. I worked all day Friday, Saturday and Monday, and as a result, slept most of Sunday. I did however, buy a new teapot, something that I have needed for a very long time, as the old one pours very badly and is about to crack open.

Scrapping wise, I finished my last article for SM for now last week, and I feel like I’m all out of scrapping juice at the moment…. I haven’t taken many (or any) photos lately which is a big part of the problem because most of my scrapping has to start with the photo. I’m bored with all my photos. I did get enough energy together for this one though – I’m such a fan of Bollywood, I couldn’t resist the Blog hunt to get some pieces to go with this fabulous kit! 🙂

Start here at Berna Datema’s Blog and follow the yellow brick road! 😉

This is the layout that I created with some of these wonderful goodies…


I also used one of Sharon’s fabulous new Album pages to scrap this memory of Sammy…. a few from his class and his “Buddy” class were selected to run the School Assembly. He was looking forward to it all week, and when the moment came, he performed like a professional!!

Go see Sharon’s Ruff Stuff album at Pickleberry Pop.

Apart from all this, I’ve been totally and hopelessly addicted to playing the xBox 360 game, Viva Pinata. (Thanks Amy!!) Poor *skip*, he’s had to give up his Soccer championship for a while because I’m always on the xBox. Well, that or we’re watching Rugby – the NRL finals AND the World Cup from France. It’s a Rugby overload really… bring it on!!

I am also attempting to play along with the Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life started at DST… I got my page for A half completed lol…. and lots of journalling written, but again, inspiration is sadly lacking. I need an artist’s date (or some sleep) to recharge I think.

Ok, so I might go and post those 2 layouts at least… then my gallery won’t look too neglected. There you go dad…. 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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