Cough, cough, cough

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Seriously… can I run away? Tyson and Sam have been sick since last weekend, and guess what tomorrow is. Yes, the weekend. So for a whole week, all I have heard is cough, cough, cough from both of them. And now, from *skip*. Well what does he expect when he does 11 hours of overtime in just this week alone? He was staying home today anyway with the kids so I could work, but then he wakes up with a temperature, and is right now, asleep in bed, again. I’m a reasonably patient person, you have to be in my job, that’s for sure. But my patience is kinda thin right now. You could read a newspaper through it kind of thin.

I’m doing everything I can to try to get them better, but nothing is working. Vitamins, herbal cough medicines, homeopathic medicines, soothers, panadol, vicks rub on their chest. Ice-blocks for the fevers. I just don’t have any more ideas. Lots and lots of water, blowing their noses to avoid the “drip” cough, staying warm, quiet, propped up. They only have until Monday to get better, as I HAVE to work. No questions or debates. And I had better not catch it.

On to bigger and brighter things! I am overjoyed that Michelle Godin has released some wonderful new scrapping items. You can check out her store HERE. And of course, I have a layout to go with this yumminess 🙂


I have even more scrappiness to share, maybe I’ll get it uploaded having the whole house to myself. It would be nice and peaceful if the coughing would stop 😛Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Melinda

    I’m right there with you, Cass! My patience level was non-existant last night. I have had enough of whining, sick children. My DH was up most of last night moaning and groaning about not feeling well, keeping me up too of course. Now, he is upstairs sleeping while I’m up with the kids. Can we run away together??

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