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So, I’m back on line. We changed internet providers when we moved, and there was a small snafu with the line, but they still got us hooked up in record time.
I have given myself a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG break off the computer with the move, and I’m really quite surprised with how much I’ve enjoyed myself. Ok, so maybe enjoyed isn’t quite the word for it, as my time has been spent hauling, sorting and unpacking a seemingly endless line of boxes, and tossing out mountains of stuff. We still fill out little house to overflowing, and I have more to go, but it is quite definitely OURS, and we live here, for better or worse.

I won’t dwell on the worse, suffice it to say that the kitchen is too SMALL and 4 people into 1 small bathroom does not go. But the better has it’s benefits. A huge backyard, complete with 3 sheds for all our overflow. Gum trees in the backyard, full of native birds. Tadpoles in a little pond outside the lounge room window. I’m not a great “project” person, but if I get some spare time and energy, I might give the shadehouse a bit of a makeover, because it’s a lovely space.

Of course, this picture is the ultimate of the better. Our old house had a small cul-de-sac of six houses built right behind our backyard. You could see, and hear them, and although I don’t believe in that sort of psychic stuff, I did feel almost suffocated by the number of people around us all the time, and quite invaded even when doing simple things like hanging out the washing.


This is the view outside our kitchen/dining room. All the more beautiful on a foggy morning. We do have neighbours on all sides, and I know they are there, but whether it’s the space, the trees, or the fact that when I’m having my morning coffee all I can hear are the birds singing outside, it just feels like we have miles of space. So the house may be a little cramped, but my heart is free…..


I am still hunting for balance between my on-line activities and my life….. I need to spend more time in doing stuff around the house. Because it is so small, it takes very little clutter for mess to happen, so I am having to be a bit of a neat nazi at the moment. Balance will come. 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Melinda

    glad to see you are all moved in finally, and so great that you are really enjoying the new place! beautiful view!

  2. AmyK

    Your new views look absolutely lovely, Cass, and the peace and quiet and birds singing sounds like heaven. I hope you get settled in well! Your house sounds like mine with the small kitchen and tiny bathroom for 4. 🙂 I’m glad the move went well! Missed you!!

  3. robin

    Wow, your view looks beautiful! Congrats on your new home! Hope you’re getting all settled in!

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