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Most of these are older ones…. much MUCH older ones in fact, including pre-FIRST move…. but getting them uploaded has been a challenge. I’m nearly back in the swing with scrapping and so on, and really hoping to start taking more photos again too…

Not co-incidentally, 3 of these layouts are using Sharon and Megan’s yummy goodies, and although I hate to be an enabler 😉 they have a big SALE on in their wonderful store at the moment, so go stock up before they change their minds!! TwoLittlePixels

As you might also gather, I have a new microwave, and am finally enjoying what microwaving is all about… it has sensor cooking, multiple power levels, turbo defrost and it even tells us to “Enjoy your meal”. Sam decided that it was a very POLITE microwave. It’s also quite a bit smaller than the behemoth that is languishing in the shed…. having freed up some serious bench space! A little bit of haggling got quite a good price too.

*skip* and I took the boys to the Zoo in the city today… and we also went and did some secret shopping for each other. Because we don’t do Christmas etc, we have a big present day on the occassion of our wedding anniversary. I buy presents for the boys all year round, some of them get pulled out for emergencies…. eg both of them home sick for a few days, but all the rest of them are put aside and then wrapped up in multiple parcels and presented to them. We also take the boys shopping to buy presents for each other, as they love giving as much as they love receiving. This year present day is a month late, because the tree happened on the day BEFORE our actual anniversary. But it’s still shaping up to be a ripper. I’ve got to arrange some last minute gifties for the boys tomorrow when I’m at work and can go shopping without them tagging along…. and I’m not quite done with *skip* yet either. I really want to spoil him this year. I know that he’s put a great deal of thought into what he’s getting me, and he’s great at present giving. Like the new Matchbox 20 CD that he bought for me…. he quietly went out and loaded it into the car CD player because he knew I would be going out the next morning…. I stopped halfway out of the driveway, hunting around for the case because I suddenly worked out that I had NO idea what was in the CD player!! Then he got a text message and lots of sloppy kisses 😀

Speaking of which, I have to go and start wrapping all the boys gifts, and counting how many gift cards I need to print out for them…. 🙂

Ciao!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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