Did you ever have that feeling….

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That you weren’t alone in the house

And then you looked up

and saw an aphid walking across the top of your glasses?

No, I thought not. I’m just super lucky I guess. Just call me Tarzan or Dr Dolittle or something 🙂

2 hours and 3 builders wheelbarrows of weeds later, and the garden still looks abandoned. Time to draft *skip* who has more energy and bigger hands than me 🙂 I will actually enjoy sharing the garden with him. Our garden is abundantly alive. We have a huge crop of the biggest earthworms (fat and short, but so VERY fat) that I have ever seen. I have also encountered, apart from numerous bugs, a gorgeous big brown spider, a gecko and multiple skinks. My earth is alive, which makes my little plans to compost it and feed it and grow good things to eat from it all that much more precious.

Why is it, that even with gloves on, every time I spend a decent amount of effort in the garden, I get a splinter in my finger? Actually, I have had to do so much work to start with on this garden, that I’ve worn through my first pair of garden gloves. And I’m actually looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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