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So, I’ve finally joined twitter. I am interested to see how it pans out. It seems that I may have missed the boat so to speak with it, as many of my friends have long neglected accounts. Hopefully we can get them going again so I’ve got someone to talk to! I still think it sucks that I’m always on the other side of the world to them for the most part…. I miss them being around when I’m around.

Ok, what else is going on? The sickies are still lingering. Neither Tyson nor I succumbed, which I credit to echinacea and tissue salts. I started mega-dosing on them and have totally avoided it. *skip* spent a week in bed, the sickest I can remember seeing him. He and Sam have lingering coughs that are making them miserable, and nothing I do can seem to shift them. Sam is going to see the homeopath again tomorrow, and I’m hopeful that she will be able to help him where I can’t. She’s already done marvels with him. He hasn’t vomited all month, which would have to be some kind of record for him.

What else is going on? Well, right now I have washing on in the machine, because even at 9 at night I have a glorious fire going in the lounge room and I’m determined to get as much washing dry as I can. Adelaide is in the middle of a real wet (and freezing cold) spell and there’s no chance of getting it dry outside! I am *supposed* to be doing some scrapping, but although I have photo and kit, the journalling has run away from me and I’m not going to chase it. It will come back. I hope.

I am working through 5 days straight off of work! I love public holidays! It’s been great as I have been inexplicably tired lately. I’m not sure if it’s the virus, all the coughers or what, but even when I am quiet and warm, I still can’t sleep. And even when I’ve slept the whole night through, I never feel rested. I’m going to have to see the homeopath about that next time I’m due, as it’s very hard to run a house when you’re so tired you can hardly get up. I’m sure some of it is hormonal, and I’ve never been a winter person. We’ll see how we go!

Oh, and I have MORE new kitchen appliances to play with! We got a new toaster (as the old one was playing up a bit, and will go very nicely into the camping trailer), and I also asked *skip*, as it’s the season of soup, if I could have a stick blender. He went and picked out a humdinger of one, with whisk and chopper and everything. I have NO idea where I’m going to store it in my horrible kitchen, but it was a lovely surprise and I can’t wait until we’re all feeling better and using it.

I also made a new batch of laundry goop, and my first batch of yoghurt for a long time. Mainly I make yoghurt so I can make whey out of it… because it makes the BEST buttermilk pancakes in the universe. With everyone so down and out this week, my plan is to cheer them up with some pancakes on the weekend. However, when you drain the whey, you end up with something like cottage or cream cheese, which is called by various names depending what culture you’re in. I first heard of it as quark, and have also heard the term Labna. Whatever you call it, mix it up with a generous amount of sweet chili sauce, and then use it for dip. Yummo!

Ok, I guess that will do for tonight. Well, since you asked so nicely, I think I can manage a layout…

I remember TSD CT web

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  1. jtlulumom

    Oh my gosh, those boys (and man) must get better soon! I hope your homeopath (is that like a nurse practitioner we have in the states? they’re not doctors, but higher up than nurses) finds something to help!

    I’m not tweeting or twittering, or whatever it’s called LOL, yet, I can barely keep up with facebook!

    I just adore that layout! Absolutely gorgeous!!! TFS!!

  2. Carole

    Hi Cassie
    I had a moment spare to look throug your website. You are very very talented and your website exudes just how artisically talented you are.

    Hope all is well

    Cheers Carole

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