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While I was blurfing yesterday, I came across these 2 articles and wanted to share them.

I love photography. I love everything about it, from the shooting, to post-processing, to hanging on the wall the final product. Unlike my father, I have many albums. All our holidays go in them, and we all love going through them and enjoying the trip long after we got home.

However, the part of photography I struggle with is inspiration. Keeping it fresh. Hopefully these links will help me, and everyone else out there who is also looking for inspiration…..

Dps, (digital photography school), I have subscribed to their blog for ages. Lots of great information, challenges etc…

7 Photography projects to Jump start your Creativity.

Following that article, I ended up at the Epic Edits site, which was new to me. This article caught my attention, as I love to photograph flowers, but they had lots more to offer as well. Well worth a look. Everything is illustrated with stunning photograph examples!

13 Alternative Flower Photography tips

I have also been busy scrapping, which I need to share with you.

I’m very excited to be a Pixel Sprite, back scrapbooking for Michelle Godin, aka Pixelworks again. She has her own store, but mainly sells through Scrapartist. It’s a total dream to be working for a designer there, as it was my first real digi-site when I began, back in the day.

She’s got some great stuff out, and coming out…. here’s what I’ve created so far.

Using Funky Junky Old School
Love to travel PW CTweb

Using Big City Boy

Rodeo PW CT web

Using the brand new No Place Like Home with Heaven’s Gate Designs

sisters PW CT web

Shen, and others, have been keeping me busy as well, but you’ll have to check back for the layouts for them!

Let me know if you found the links useful, and I’ll share some more! And maybe even my results from trying them!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Tania

    Cassie!! Wow hun! Congrats on the wonderful prizes. And well deserved! Sad to hear about your trip to Sydney, but I’m glad you didn’t get caught up in that storm, those photos were scary. And those boys looked great in their costumes, so handsome!

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