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Just thought I’d give this a workout from my iPhone. Although the teeny tiny keys are frustrating me. It’s been another wild and crazy week around here. The boss and I finally made it to sydney after the disaster of September. Which meant getting up at 3.15am again. Blech. On the road to the airport just after 4, on the right plane to the right destination at 6. Lunch back at the airport at 3pm. Heading back to Adelaide 4.30, dropped off home again at 7pm. Which is fine until you have to work at 9.30 the next morning!!

I have rewarded myself with a new toy – a wii fit to complete the wii we surprised the boys with a couple of weeks ago. I’m loving it so far (day two) we will see how long I last. On the up side, I can do a workout when it fits into my schedule, and that is very important around here when it means about 10pm.

I have also treated myself to going to the movies 3 count them!! 3 times. Saw fame (good fun but a little light on plot!). Julie and Julia was awesome. Loved Meryl Streep. She totally made it for me. And also mao’s last dancer, of which I had read the book a couple if years ago. Had read very mixed reviews about this one, but was glad I saw it. My test of a movie, especially one I see away from my family, is if I can’t wait for *skip* to see it. Julie and Julia and mao’s definitely fit the bill on that one. Fame, not so much. :p

I have also been busy learning new skills at work – creating dye sublimation work. Eg putting photos onto mousemats, coffee mugs etc. Which has entailed me learning Corel. Eeek! Things are going fairly smoothly so far, although printing is one thing heat pressing is another challenge altogether!

Ok time for lights out.

Night!! 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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