Wow… it worked

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You tell the universe what you’re going for, and it works!

Well, not entirely true, but not far off it 🙂 My very first competition I entered was the Maitland Salon. Stiff International competition no less. What was I thinking? Well, with 8 photos entered, I actually came away with 1 acceptance, which is pretty heady stuff. Another photo only missed out by one point, so that’s encouraging too. The most interesting thing is that they are both “people” photos and not landscapes etc. So I guess that is probably a hint as to where my strengths lie perhaps? To be honest, I should have know this anyway. I just love catching expressions on peoples faces. Making them live for the camera. So I’ll have to work on that. Already have some more entries sent off, just the anxious waiting for results now – which take a lot longer than you think!

I’m posting here a set of photos that I can’t take the credit for, as you can see I was otherwise occupied at the time. Meet Oskar. He’s a week old and absolutely adorable. Thanks to Oskar’s dad for using my camera to get some awesome shots of him for me. The best of  both worlds!

Ok, it’s terribly hot here still, so I’m going to try to get some sleep while I can, and continue to dream big dreams. More announcements are still to come!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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